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OUT! Dog Training Pads with Moisture Lock

The most technologically-advanced taing pad on the market means quicker drying, less tracking and the most absorbency. Floor protection pads make indoor housetraining for your pet incredibly easy to clean-up! They feature a fragrance free odor control technology to eliminate embarrassing odors in the home while the leak-proof guarantee protects your floors. They are excellent for housebreaking puppies and also for using as a regular elimination area for pets that do not have regular access to the outdoors. Each pad is scientifically treated with an attractant to encourage pets to use the pad. Gone are the days of paper training with messy newspapers. Todays paper training is a lot cleaner and easier with these training pads. If you're gone more than four hours a day consider training pads for housebreaking and as a lifelong substitute for your pet use instead of eliminating outdoors. If you have a large house you may want to place pads in several areas.

OUT! Moisture Lock Dog Training Pads use MoistureLock* Technology to trap dog urine and moisture, making dog and puppy housebreaking easier

Training Pads are 21in x 22in with a multi-layer pad construction 15% thicker than other national brands that turns liquid into a gel.

Built-in attractant to draw the dog to the pad, helping to accelerate dog and puppy potty training and housebreaking, and encouraging elimination

Anti-Microbial odor neutralizers controls urine odors to keep house smelling fresh, and has a quick-drying top sheet to avoid tracking

100% leak-proof guarantee and made in the USA

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  • OUT! Dog Training Pads with Moisture Lock
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