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  • Brave the Beast - Dog Grooming Kit - Includes Pet Nail Clippers, Grooming Scissors, Combs, Nail File and More! Get the Supplies to Groom your Pets Today!
Brave the Beast puts a unique twist on home pet grooming, allowing you to save your hard earned cash, and save time by avoiding those annoying trips to the groomer. While most dog grooming kits or pet grooming kits come standard with clippers, electric trimmer or a brush kit only, ours exceeds all expectations by combining the basic needs of every pet grooming kit by joining trimmers with scissors, brushes, combs, a trimming blade, and toenail clippers. Instead of buying multiple kits and accessories separately to fulfill your dog grooming needs, buy the Brave the Beast kit and have everything you need in one place, for a great price. Brave the Beast comes with an electric trimmer, 4 trimmer length attachments, scissors, a slicker, brush, dematting comb, cleaning brush, toenail trimmers, and an instruction manual. All of these conveniently pack into your personal Brave the Beast portable toolbox. You will become your own professional stay at home groomer after purchasing our Brave the Beast kit. Turn even the scariest of monsters into the cutest, cleanest, and most charming furry friends possible.

Brave the Beast Dog Grooming Kit contains All the necessary pet supplies for dogs, cats and other animals or pets - With a Case built to last and a clever design that allows for maximum portability - the Case is made from high quality durable plastic to keep your Pet Grooming Kit complete and organized!

Dog trimmer - Electric trimmer with 4 length trimmer attachments with easy color coding - Comes with a vial of oil for maintenance and upkeep of trimmer and can also be used to lubricate the scissors if needed (remember to dry any excess oil to prevent hair from sticking to the scissors or trimmers) - Trimming dog care products - Scissors and comb for styling purposes making your dog look great!

Dematting comb that is double sided with 2 different bristle counts - De-matting brush soft enough for puppies and durable enough for the toughest of knots - Grooming brush, good for getting mud and dirt out of hair or fur - No more doggy dreads or unwanted clumped fur plus the grooming brush is equipped with a spring loaded plate at the base of the bristles making clean up easy so you don't have to waste time with cleaning up

Toenail trimmers - Toenail clippers for dogs - Quick, painless, lifelong use - High quality durable metal cutters with thick and strong spring loaded plastic handles that have a locking mechanism for safety and for easy and convenient use - Also includes a nail file to soften any sharp edges that remain after clipping your pampered pets nails helping you avoid scratches and cuts!

Brave the Beast wants you to be as happy as possible with our products, that's why we offer a 100% money back guarantee you are unsatisfied with them for any reason

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Brave the Beast - Dog Grooming Kit - Includes Pet Nail Clippers, Grooming Scissors, Combs, Nail File and More! Get the Supplies to Groom your Pets Today!

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