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Grooming Arm with Clamp (36

Downtown Pet Supply's Grooming Arms are available in four colors. Color choices: Blue, Pink, Purple or Silver. Each 3/4" square arm is made of steel. Includes grooming arm, clamp opens to 1.75" wide, color-coordinated 18" grooming loop, and a FREE small/medium No Sit Haunch holder. About the No Sit Haunch Holder: This Professional Quality Haunch Holder restraint measures 21" and 19" in length. This is a great tool to have on hand for the "sitters". The Haunch Holder is a humane way to better control the movement of the dog you are grooming. Keeps dogs standing in comfort. No Tools Necessary! The No-Sit Haunch Holder is safe, comfortable and an easy way to prevent pets from sitting down while working on stomach and backside areas. Relieves stress and standing fatigue in older or arthritic animals and helps control overly excitable pets from excessive moving. The Haunch Holder provides Maximum strength and durability with the highest quality materials available. All brass, aluminum and stainless steel hardware. Will not fray like nylon. Will not absorb dirt or odors. Comfort cushion covering protects pet's neck and flank. Even comes with a lifetime rust-proof guarantee. Made of our high quality steel core cable, this chew resistant, rust proof item adjusts easily to fit every dog you groom. For comfortable support of pet's head and haunches and easier handling. No-Sit Haunch Holder is a vital tool. Never leave a dog on the table or in a tub unattended.

Grooming Arm adjustable to 36", clamp opens to 1 1/4" wide

18" Grooming Loop (color may vary)

FREE Small/Medium No Sit Haunch Holder - (19" and 21")

Brand: Downtown Pet SupplyTM

Manufacturer: Downtown Pet Supply

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  • Grooming Arm with Clamp (36
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