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Train Your Dog - The Positive Gentle Method

Now there is a better way to have that special bond you always wanted with your dog. Learn how you can get results in a short time, using praise and treats. A truly interactive DVD, which reveals many of the best-kept secrets of positive dog training. Two top Los Angeles trainers guide you step by step, through simple, gentle techniques that produce amazing results. You'll learn training without ever laying a hand on your dog. Master the magic of clicker training, used for movie animals. Discover easy fixes for common behavior problems, and much more. Your dog will learn all basic and other essential commands. Watch progression in real time. See puppies as well as adult dogs among the 20 different dog breeds featured: Beagle, Yellow Lab, Golden Retriever, Jack Russell Terrier, Malamute, Boxer, Poodle. Most of the dogs have not had previous training.

DVD Contents

BASIC COMMANDS: Sit! - Down! - Stay! - Come! - Heel!

OTHER ESSENTIAL COMMANDS: Leave It! - Give! -Wait! - Gentle! - Name Recognition - Touch! - Go To Bed!

BEHAVIOR ISSUES: Housetraining through Crate Training, X-Pen, Baby Gate, Ring Bell.

Also: Door Behavior, Jumping Up, Nipping.

BONUS MATERIALS: Car Safety, Rewards and Consequences, Leadership, Come!-Important Tips, Clicker Training, Play Toys, Training Treats

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  • Train Your Dog - The Positive Gentle Method
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